About us

L’Abbraccio della Quercia (Italian for “The embrace of the Oak”) is located in Saini, a small hamlet in the middle of the Istrian countryside in Croatia, just a few kilometres away from the sea and the border with Slovenia.

Our Story

Just twenty years ago in Saini, the walls of the houses were leaning one against the others, trying to hold on to the ruins of time.
Trees were finding their way through windows and roofs but nonetheless there was magic surrounding the hamlet. You could not but feel it and our dreams grew, giving us the energy to restore Saini to beauty and dignity.

The houses have been rebuilt with their original stones, the garden created with devotion, cherishing each tree, plant and flower. Sculptures added to embellish the lawns.
Everything under the shade and protection of our imposing oak. It’s a tree that loves to be embraced… Welcome to L’Abbraccio della Quercia.


ADQ Boutique Stays rises from a delightful garden of Mediterranean plants, in the shade of an ancient oak that watches over a charming hamlet where you can spend a quiet and romantic stay. Saini, our small village, clings to the hillside from slopes that roll themselves towards the sea. Vineyards, olive groves and cypresses find space among the surrounding woods that entice you to long walks or bicycle excursions. In the immediate vicinity there are many excellent restaurants and wineries where you can taste the wonderful products of the area, and it is close to beaches and seaside towns. All of this is within easy reach of the comfort and tranquility that L’Abbraccio della Quercia provides.


Our garden and the two little piazzas that connect to each other are the perfect frame for events to be held during the day or at dusk when the lights make L’ Abbraccio della Quercia turn into a fairy-tale place.